Let’s get away. Let’s Go Somewhere Hot.

If you are like me, you are longing to vacate—far far away! I am absolutely dying to get somewhere warm- HOT even! Doesn’t that sound better than having to scrape ice off your (MY) car as you (I mean I) fear for your (MY) life as you (I) venture out in the frigid weather to go print off photos???
So travel with me, if you will, to the ocean.
Just imagine yourself sitting in the sand with a magazine, sweltering happily, listening to Beirut or something exotic like that. Maybe even the Vicky Cristina Barcelona Soundtrack. At least that’s what I do…

Take a break from the snoooooow!



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4 responses to “Let’s get away. Let’s Go Somewhere Hot.

  1. Anne & Charlie

    Love the pictures! But, Abby, we would like some of you too!!

  2. warmness and summer seem so far away now…distant memories…but these pictures give me hope that the cold will indeed end one day!

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