Purely a Wedding Assistant

I had the joy of accompanying Caleb Chaney and Bryan Johnson of A. Bryan Photo to a wedding this January. I was really there to assist Caleb, but I got to snap a few frames myself with the Rollei 35s. I unwrapped boxes and boxes of Polaroid film, held fresh Roid shots, and had dress pockets overflowing with film for the Mamiya. It was the most laid back wedding I have EVER been to! I held the door open for the bride to swiftly walk down the aisle, the music was played on a boom box, and the guests were mainly family. It was on a Friday afternoon, the anniversary of her Grandparent’s wedding day, held in her mother’s home. This day really showed me that sometimes it is best to do things the more relaxed way to enjoy your time with the people you love. No, that kind of day is not for everyone, but for some, it is perfect.

{about to enter for the ceremony}

{back deck decor}

{very happy}

{eat, drink, and be married}

{husband and wife}


{just the beginning of a whole lot of lovely polaroids by Caleb}


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