Good Eats

It’s sunday…. Cook something delectable.

I had absolutely the most relaxing morning. My dear friend Margaret cooked me breakfast and made me coffee and then we chatted it up whilst listening to Grizzly Bear (surprisingly good morning music) and Feist for THREE HOURS. So much goodness.

Enjoy the company of those whom you love.

[photo taken in mae sai, thailand near the burmese border–not exactly a relaxing sunday morning breakfast, but good eats nonetheless.]



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3 responses to “Good Eats

  1. I don’t remember this photo. It’s wonderful!
    loveee :]

  2. Sawadee Khrab! I’m about to go to Thailand and I’m sooo excited about my holiday. Already booked my flight to Bangkok and from there I’ll go travel around Pattaya, I found your great site on Bing and it seems that you know a lot about this great country. Would you please give me a hint where to stay in Sukhumvit? I’ve heard there are some fantastic resorts near Phuttamonthon and Siam Center… Thank you in advance!

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