sartorialists from hartland!

last week we taught our Hartland class a little bit about street fashion photography. they looked at magazines and a handful of scott schuman and garance dore’s images, and we related those to how they can look at things differently even at their school and in their city.
today we got to bring a couple of the girls from Hartland to ussssss today! they got to photograph students that they considered fashionable. i think andrea and terrikah really enjoyed seeing the various clothes, people, and style here! while andrea was more shy, terrikah gave her subjects serious instructions. all in all though, our goal is to make them feel special, and i hope this day did exactly that.
here are a few of andrea’s images:
[beautiful haley]

[tj hester, certified hipster- hahaha]

…. and some of mine….
[beth with the girls]

[the super awesome featured photographer, andrea]


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