Busy busy bee.

Sometimes things get really, really busy. My desk gets awfully overwhelmed and my room overflows with clothes… and sometimes I don’t quite know what to do about it except for dream about the ocean… which I will be at so so soooooon!!!

[Photo taken in spring 2009]


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6 responses to “Busy busy bee.

  1. I REALLY love that white lamp up in the corner. I want it…I might come over and steal it.

    Only one more day until Spring Break đŸ™‚ hooray

  2. It was like four dollars from the thrift store, but they had the exact one at urban outfitters for $45!! laaaame. But thank you!

  3. KBO

    Do I dare see an early 80’s photo of your parents? Fast forward thirty years…better than ever!

  4. I can’t help but think this picture is “posed” because of the copy of the Torch on your desk. All the same–it makes me happy.

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