An Afternoon in the Greenhouse

This Sunday, Haley, Margaret, Kristi, and I piled up and went to a local greenhouse. Despite the fact that they were closed, the sweet owner offered to stay late for us. Kristi and I had been wanting to do a shoot together, and it just now happened!! Haley is a fabulous stylist that just happens to be gorgeous… so of course I wanted to collaborate with her! Kristi got to take photographs of Margaret while Haley and I ventured around the grounds.

bonsai |bänˈsī; ˈbänsī|
noun ( pl. same) (also bonsai tree)
an ornamental tree or shrub grown in a pot and artificially prevented from reaching its normal size.
• the art of growing trees or shrubs in such a way.

My fellow shooter Kristi Mcmurry. See her photos from the day on her blog, here!



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5 responses to “An Afternoon in the Greenhouse

  1. codysmall

    Beautiful, I could see these in Dwell magazine, no problem.

  2. BAH! So great abby 🙂 My favorites are the 3rd and 4th ones down and then 6th 7th and 8th. You did such a great job. I’ll post mine later tonight. I’ve still got to narrow it down a little. EEK! I hope we can do a shoot again sometime.

  3. abby, these are awesome! great job.

  4. Tiffany Wade

    These are Beautiful, Abby!
    just like you.

  5. thank you all so very very much!

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