Photo Class with Birmingham’s Best

Earlier on in the semester, Jim Veneman and I discussed getting a group together to go to Birmingham to talk with some of the city’s finest photographers. Plans were finalized just a couple of weeks ago, and 8 of us (which happened to be the perfect number) came down for a photo class at the A. Bryan Photo Studio with Caleb Chancey, Bryan Johnson, Cary Norton, and Rob Culpepper…

[The last two photos were taken by Kathleen Murray]
It couldn’t have been any better!! They each told about how they got to be where they are now, discussed the importance of community, showed their own work, and talked about their favorite images. It was awesome. Next we went outside and took some Polaroids… Brian and Caleb took group shots of us and then let us use the camera to photo each other…take home photos!! We also were able to lunch at Urban Standard, eat at Surin for dinner, play on Red Mountain with light painting (although I myself chose to flop in the grass and look at the city instead…oops), and go to Chez LuLu for dessert. Totally successful.



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3 responses to “Photo Class with Birmingham’s Best

  1. kbo

    By the way, where did you happen to spend the night?

  2. haha maybe at the best house ever?? correct answer?

  3. thanks for the shout out! and credit for those last two photos!! it WAS a fantastic trip and thank you, thank you to your wonderfully generous parents!

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