Last Day!

Our time at Hartland came to an end for the semester this week. It has been an awesome season with the kids. The photo classes were able to do a lot of work and shoot so many different things: fashion, elderly people, friends, and even their own environment. This past Tuesday the students that were faithful to the photo class got to present their best picture and talk about their images. It was such an incredibly sweet time… one of the older boys is graduating high school and it was Chanel’s last day (the amazing person that has coordinated everything for the past two years) since she is also graduating! So joyful, nonetheless. I was once again reminded of what a gift photographs can be. Moreover, I am so thankful that photography allows me to build relationships with such amazing people and kids. I am continually learning from the people at Hartland, and this place would not be the same without that in my life.

these next photos are taken by little ones…

We’ll see what next fall brings!
(Okay, yes I know there are way too many photos of Amarion, but he is my love!)



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2 responses to “Last Day!

  1. Katie

    I enjoyed this post, Abby, and I am glad that Hartland has come to mean so much to you!

  2. kbo

    This has to be the sweetest blog yet! I loved seeing the photos that were made during the year. What a meaningful ministry…it’s obvious that you love it. Blessing lives by sharing God’s love and boosting self-confidence! That’s what it’s all about.

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