A Little Bit of Everything

Today we are working on what we have documented thus far and then venturing elsewhere, but first I wanted to share some more photographs from my time here. It’s barely the third day of this trip, but we have done everything from stopping to look at Billy the Kid’s grave… to drinking Mexican lattes (heaven)… to hiking up a mountain when the light was about to say goodnight!

I am so very happy.

|Amanda waiting at the hotel.|

|The flying star cafe.|

|A mexican latte and Interview magazine at the Flying Star Cafe.|

|On the mountain.|

|Amanda feeling at home.|



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4 responses to “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. Aunt Mary

    Are you going to Cloudcroft?

  2. kbo

    I looked at the first set of NM photos before leaving for work this morning. The memories of them gave me something to smile about as I was captive in my cubicle with not one, but two computers! I’m dreaming of High Hampton…aHHHHHHHHH!

    • I know!! I hope I am not mountain-ed out by the time I get there! haha, i totally will not be. And two computers sounds terrible…you can barely handle your baby 🙂

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