Hello New Mexico!

New Mexico is a place for…
tornadoes of sand (I know, crazy),
cowboy hats (which also means cowboys… and cowgirls),
snow on mountains (yeah, believe it),
tumbleweeds (we got way too excited about those),
dry air (I am a fan),
and listening to Ryan Adams (nothing but him for hours of driving).

Drinking canned watermelon juice, zooming across the desert, I decided… I like New Mexico.

While covering various stories in this land, we are definitely working, but having loads and loads of fun. Every meal is an adventure, and so far our entire schedule has basically revolved around, “Where are we eating next??” My kind of traveling.

|Whitney beside Route 66.|

|Antique shopping in Bernalillo.|

|Hats and hats.|

|Walking on a dirt road.|

|No longer Anita’s Mexican Food.|

|Gonzalez outside of The Corner Store.|



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2 responses to “Hello New Mexico!

  1. obsessed. these photos are phenomenal.
    i love the shot of anita’s. classy.

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