Ecco Espresso & Gelato | Santa Fe

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in downtown Santa Fe… and found so many good things! We walked miles to find the perfect vintage store, ate more than a normal human should be able to handle, and successfully looked like tourists. I even wore my rainbow Dan Post cowboy boots, and got many admiring looks from strangers… every local Santa Fe resident (anybody who knows anything about anything) wishes they had them. Not really, but anyways…..
now I will tell you about Ecco. We heard that Ecco Espresso and Gelato had super amazing gelato. Now… I like gelato. Okay…I love gelato, so as I was eating this white wine flavored gelato (weird I know, but so so good and refreshing!)……


I saw this super adorable little girl. She was cool as a little one can be…

and then realized that her mom’s shoes were also rather great. Supa chic!

More from the city to come….
if I don’t just fall right out from too many enchiladas and sopapillas!!!

Listens: Santogold and Billie Holiday… a good mix I would say.


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