Wild Wild West!

Welcome to Gallup!!

(we drove and drove)
Well…there is not a lot here. Am I in a foreign county? Nope! I might as well be, though! Our motel is super sketchy. We leave our TV on the Spanish channel to give the appearance we are there. Smoky smoky hotel room.
Where I reallly want to stay is the El Rancho Motel! Why can’t I just go where the movie stars from old Westerns stayed?! Just kidding, but I DO love their sign. There are so many signs like this in town. Am I in the 50s? Who knows out here. Everything is very very behind in Gallup.

Now we are all filled up with coffee from the Railway Café (Native Americans pass by your table asking you to buy turquoise jewelry, and the cinnamon rolls are as big as your head) and are moving on to work on our stories.

I’ll be seeing you!!



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4 responses to “Wild Wild West!

  1. kbo

    I’m happy that you’re getting to see a part of our country that I experienced with Starley/Jan & Co. The grass IS greener on the other side (of the US, that is!) You’ll notice it more than ever when you return home.

  2. goldfishonwheat

    the W E S T! I will be out that way-ish soon!! Glad you’re updating yo b l o g as often as you are. Makes me feel like maybe I still see you every now and then.

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