From Canyon de Chelly

Photos from my New Mexico story are uploaded, edited, and captioned…I am set!

Off to Arizona we went…


My dislike of landscape photography was once again reaffirmed (I like to look at photos of land, you know, I just don’t particularly enjoy taking them) because I cannot possibly capture how BIG this place is. Real big. Wowza.

Also, I SAW A WOLF. And a horse ran by our car faster than we were going, and I saw a bunny and a lizard. I think I have seen my share of wild animals for the summer, eh?

We were wildly excited to get to a nicer hotel room…even though our view was cows.

Well I am flying home tomorrow!! Only to unpack, unpack, unpack, and pack again. Yes, yes yes.
Up Next? High Hamptons, baby.


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  1. gracie grace

    I DON’T DANCE. ask any of my friends….it just doesn’t happen. I don’t like it….. do you like death? see the two are one in the same to me…. oh abby ott…… 🙂

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