Mrs. Sallie Brown…

was a beautiful bride!! I can’t wait to show you more photos from this gorgeous day, but for now this is all I am going to give you… until they are all finished and some film is developed.

I teared up looking at them. Oh my. It feels like yesterday they asked me to shoot their big day, before I had ever assisted a wedding or even considered doing so. As soon as they asked me, I thought…. Well this is a really big deal!!! I best do as many of these before that day as I can!! Soooo as a result I have been able to assist multiple, learning different things each time. I have so very far to go, but I hope they love these images more than they ever thought they could, and my wish is that they last a lifetime!
All in all, it was a fabulous day and much thanks to my assistant Kate Allen! More to come, my friends.


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