Most Favorite

Continental bakery is hands down my favorite bakery in Birmingham.
I can’t even tell you how much I like it. When I am away at school, I even dream about it.

There is just so much to it. It is unlike anything else in town… very french. It takes me far away and rekindles my desire to live in Europe (a desire that doesn’t even need to be provoked, really).
It is a neighborhood hub, one that refuses to give in to the commands of this technological age. Therefore, people are in constant conversation. Neighbors come and go at tables, feasting off the impeccable baked goods.
It is the best.



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3 responses to “Most Favorite

  1. Ricky Rondo

    These are really excellent pictures. Big fan of your photos (and blog)

  2. kbo

    I, too, am a big fan! I especially enjoy sharing time with you here surrounded by the fragrances of the bakery & coffee…sharing conversation as we consume calories!

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