With Love From A Small Town

My dear friend Margaret has transplanted herself from GORGEOUS Charleston to the small (very small) town of Americus, Georgia, and she is doing quite well for herself!! My foodie friend has also transformed herself into a wonderful cook! She made me all kinds of goodies, so if we were not eating out we were dining in with some serious taste. First night I get there…BAM! Pork with nuts, rosemary, and honey coating…sweet potato fries with parmesan…a salad with peach dressing… and chocolate torts with goat cheese and blueberries!! I am immediately impressed.

But anyways… the weekend consisted of great things:
-Going to bed early.
-Eating at the town hotspot (apparently) at lunch to try their new burger, and Trellis, the only fancy fance place in town (delicious alfredo+mushrooms, and a reason to get dressed up).
-Sitting on the porch.
-Antique shopping. A JACKPOT for vintage necklaces, and I purchased a jewelry box that was not even for sale before I walked in. Haha I can be a smooth talker if I want to be!
-Snooping around the Windsor Hotel searching for a way to get in the tower. No luck.
-Fresh coffee at the house andddd frappucinos from Café something or another. SO good.
-A tour through Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village. AMAZING. (More on that to come!) I got my “passport” stamped at like 15 different countries, believe it or not.
-Driving through certain areas of town looking for her swanky bike that was stolen listening to choice tunes.
-Going to the lake to see fireworks. And I won a game of Uno.

All in all, I heart Americus.



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2 responses to “With Love From A Small Town

  1. kbo

    This brings back fun memories of weekends spent in Asheboro, NC with my then “bestie”, Linda.

  2. bestie is a perfectly acceptable word.

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