Hey, its Brooke Waggoner!

She makes magic with her fingers (meaning she can play the piano real real good).
Her look is cinematic.
Her music reminds me of a winter I once had, but sounds like spring.
AND she liked the crazy wonder woman-esque belt I was wearing.

But really, it was very much fun assisting Caleb Chancey while he shot the absolutely darling Brooke Waggoner at Bottletree last week. I was able to sneak a couple of shots for myself, and wanted to share them. There were very few because I was very busy being a hurricane, throwing newspapers into a fan so they could haphazardly drift across the frame for Caleb. Good thing one of them hit her face on like the first try. Second good thing, she thought it was hilarious. I am always an A+ assistant, and I like hitting musicians in the face with newspapers. The end.

Take a listen! She just released a new album.
My favorite song? Young friend, from the Heal for the Honey album. Also love the I Am Mine Remix.

(update: the outcome? see caleb’s images here!)



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2 responses to “Hey, its Brooke Waggoner!

  1. Libby Loveless

    I AM SO JEALOUS. you are so cool, abby ott. why can’t i be you?! i love brooke waggoner. she is precious.

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