I Got My Passport Stamped Seventeen Times…

…all the while staying in AMERICUS, Georgia.

Okay, here is the deal. I fell in love with travel whilst watching the Travel Channel on TV so long ago, I can’t even remember when that was exactly. To me, Samantha Brown was a goddess. I watched folks roam the globe: staying in bad hotels, eating on the sides of mountains, shopping at markets, laughing with foreigners, and absolutely bathing themselves in culture. Watching that so wide eyed, I knew I wanted that (with a nice hotel or two added in there at some point).
Many other factors have fueled that desire since. Let me TELL YOU, If I would have visited the Global Village in Americus during my Travel Channel glory days, I might have passed out it was so cool. Okay it still is so cool, and I made SURE to get my “passport” stamped at every single country (house). Margaret and I watched the Habitat for Humanity documentary video on the importance of proper housing- the approach they take with each country- then hit the village. Amazing.
First you go through the poor housing. Absolutely correct depiction. My photos from Cambodian villages barely look any different.

Then you can go in individual houses that are built specifically for that region. Like every country’s dynamics, each house caters to that area’s unique needs.
k e n y a

m a l a w i

s o u t h a f r i c a

t a n z a n i a

i n d i a

s r i l a n k a

Therefore, this place would be THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER. And Marg and I had it all to ourselves.

In addition, I want to share these videos with you. No relation to this post except for the subject of travel…India specifically. Her voice is beautiful. India is beautiful (I am assuming…and possiblyyyy i will see for myself before too long, if not in real life in my dreams, without a doubt).



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2 responses to “I Got My Passport Stamped Seventeen Times…

  1. Aunt Mary

    Where are we going in 2 years????

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