SALLIE + PATRICK :: fayetteville, arkansas

Sallie’s dress was beautifully refined and not to mention humongous (while Sallie is tiny), and Patrick couldn’t have looked more dapper in his grey suit.
A day of bliss. Total bliss, people.

All I have to give them is a big whopping thanks! …For letting me photograph their wedding; a first for me, having entire responsibility of the day. And man oh man did I learn! While also having so much fun!! Clearly, the entire wedding party was a pleasure, and the bride and groom (my dear friends) couldn’t have treated me any better! The preparation, the ceremony, and the reception, were all gorgeous. I mean it. I want to keep blabbing, but just see for yourself!

BIG THANKS to Kate Allen for assisting me. Some of these images are hers and she did such a fabulous job!
Also, thanks to TJ Hester for putting these images together and posting them, all while I was in flight.



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4 responses to “SALLIE + PATRICK :: fayetteville, arkansas

  1. Wow! Her dress WAS really big! Great job with the wedding little miss 🙂 You really have a knack for details.

  2. Katy Pope

    you. are. incredible. AH!!!!

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