The Worst Itch of Them All

Hello from the Tampa Airport! I am about to head home.
Constantly my mind is running with thoughts of where to go next… India? Brazil? Egypt?
I don’t know if I have ever been this itching to go back overseas. Honestly. After a canceled venture to Zimbabwe, I am about to die! New Mexico was nice, yes, but it was no Zimbabwe.

In order to make this longing even more intense, I browsed through some of my Thailand images. Andddd read two issues of Conde Nast Travel (it was laying around the beach house, I couldn’t help it).

Laura Marling’s words describe almost exactly how I felt about my time in Thailand and Cambodia.
“I am never ungrateful for anything that I do because all of it is an incredible experience. But it was an experience unlike…it was very different than I expected it to be.” -Laura Marling

|so many things to buy. and to be sold.|

|beggars are passed by. people often disable themselves in order to get more money. the worst i saw was in Myanmar (Burma).|

|almost every man in Thailand is a monk at one time or another.|

After I departed there, I almost would go far enough as to say I didn’t want to return. But at this point, I would go back in a heartbeat. I would be more than happy to eat fried rice for breakfast EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH!

I hope you enjoyed this small taste of Asia for the day.



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4 responses to “The Worst Itch of Them All

  1. Erica

    There’s always Romania!

  2. codysmall

    thinking of that place still takes my breath away

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