A Mini Vaca!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Oneonta to see my aunt and uncle. I have been going there since I was really little and it never stops being fun! When I was younger, believe it or not, I used to go on calls with my uncle, who is a veterinarian. So many wild adventures and hilarious stories occurred on those calls. But now, we stick to our Abby-comes-to-Oneonta traditions: pizza and a movie. This time though, we made homemade chocolate chip cookies, had a delicious breakfast, and I even got to see my little cousin Payton. And the rain Friday evening was beautiful. Sometimes, I absolutely love the country. Everybody needs a little bucolic living once in a while!



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4 responses to “A Mini Vaca!

  1. Aunt Anne

    Love the pictures! We did so enjoy lunch even after our trying morning, Love you!

  2. These photos are perfect.

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