Saint Lucie Escapade

Water is just so good.
So healing.
I played on walls of sand.
I took multiple hour-long walks.
I saw pelicans big enough to eat me whole and schools of tiny fish.

This light is my favorite.
I shot all of these with the mindset Cary Norton told us about when we came to Birmingham for a photo class….”Don’t think just shoot.”

Basically…. my trip to an island off the coast of Florida was not exactly what we had in mind for ourselves! I arrived at the Tampa airport, and shortly after we packed up for the sea. So first day there, we decide that going to the farmer’s market is a good idea. Naturally, yes, a good idea. Soon after getting to this bayside market, my grandmother took a tumble (more than a tumble really…). My grandparents are normally without fail attached to one another, but this once they were separated and there was nothing and no one to break her fall. How quick a day by the water filled with gelato, cafes, and a bikini ready to be worn can turn to a day sitting in a cold emergency room. But according to my grandmother, she is “a strong Irish woman” and can handle such events. She did so spectacularly, but came home with more complications than she asked for. Therefore I was deemed head nurse. But even the head nurse has to hand her powers to someone else every now and then, right?


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