Malibu, Baby!!!

What do I have to say about Malibu?

Beach!!! BLUE water! Huge rocks! 61 degrees!! Modern boxy looking houses all smushed together! Surfers! Model-esque ladies trotting around! Louboutins (text Margaret immediately)!!!

What should one listen to whilst in Malibu? Taio Cruz, Bonobo ft. Bajka, & The Black Keys.
We ate lunch at the super relaxed Malibu Market and I tried on some really beautiful over-the-knee boots at a store next door. I saw this one girl wearing her Louboutin white heeled booties with skinnies, a white tank, a delicious cream sweater, and messy-beachy hair and I thought, ‘AH!! So casuallll, maybe I’ll try that!!’ And then it came to me… Oh yeah I don’t have any Louboutins.

And that, my friends, was Malibu!!
Lots of fun.

(ASAP [I am currently moving to Tennessee again], I will show you OJAI, Ca. And then you may want to crawl under a rock and ask yourself, “WHY AM I NOT THERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE??!?” That’s what we are doing, and knew we would we do as soon as we flew away from LAX…or as soon as we closed the door to our hotel room.)


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