Nail Polish! Nikes! Squash! Malaysia!

Okay, here is the deal. Small town Tennessee has no good beauty stores. I am addicted to NARS, Smashbox, blah de blah. I frequent Sephora much too often when I am at home. The other night, I discovered that WE GOT AN ULTA! No Sephora, yes I know… but something!! I made a certain man in my life bop in and out with me, and knew immediately that it was the perfect trip for ladies night. Soooo, Friday night rolled around, and we went. Ming, Margaret, and I stayed for SO LONG. I am almost positive the overly nice and inquisitive salespeople wanted to kill us. We used many-a-tester, including airbrush face makeup, yellow eyeshadow, and painted EVERY SINGLE ONE of our nails a different color in order to get the full experience. No lie.
Afterwards, Ming successfully got some awesome magenta Nike’s (look out for the day she busts those out… I hope to be there to document her strut across the broadcasting studio), while we tried on all kinds of wild shoes.
Then we had a dinner of butternut squash pasta, spinach and artichoke “purses”, and orange limonade. Next we viewed the Japanese magazines Ming brought back from Malaysia, her newest Topshop purchases, and jewelry her mom picked up in India.

Ming is so cute!! Her Dorothy Perkins pants are too cool… her precious shirt is from a Malaysian boutique… and ALDO shoes. This was right before we went to movie on the lawn to get some candy. Best idea ever.
Earlier that day we lounged at the pool and made breakfast…on a school day. Too bad TJ said I wasn’t allowed to go to class in my bikini and cover up (he can be quite the lifesaver).
What a life the beginning of a semester can be!!



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2 responses to “Nail Polish! Nikes! Squash! Malaysia!

  1. Whitney Jones

    Wish I was there with you!! There MUST be more gallivanting like this in the spring.

  2. TJ

    I’m glad to see documented proof that I survived the trip in and out of Ulta. Maybe people will believe me now.

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