21c and the Like…

Louisville. First thing I want to say about the town is that they have SO MANY VINTAGE STORES. I was in heaven. Who even knows how I didn’t break the bank! It was the greatest weekend. The amount of quality restaurants they have is also out of control. Lots and lots and lots of good eats. In addition, we walked around 21c Museum Hotel. It is my duty to always give you the facts about these locations, and Conde Nast Traveler voted it 2009 #1 best hotel in America, #6 in the world. HOW??? Yes, it is very cool and hip, but I don’t know about NUMBER ONE. I am not even sure if I would want to stay there on a vaca, too much art art art. Am I in a museum or am I on vacation?? It would be confusing. A bit odd for me, but fun for an hour or so. But yes, many folks love the 21c Museum Hotel, and if you do, no judgment here…I’ll just stick to Ojai… for now.

But as for the rest of Louisville, I want to keep on coming back and back again. My love for it abounds.



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2 responses to “21c and the Like…

  1. codysmall

    Love the stag shot – beautiful lighting!

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