Meet Amanda!!

Amanda is amazing. She is an artist. And my neighbor!

At first she didn’t want me to take her photo and protested because she had been working for soooo long in the studio and so on and so on, but by the end of it she was showing off her favorite boots and wanting them photographed too. Amanda is the coolest. One thing that is great about living next door to her is that she is always changing and decorating her room and living room, planting plants, and making up things to do. She is so wildly creative it makes me sick. Most importantly, her love of the Lord absolutely seeps out of everything she does. What she creates is done for God. Ever since I met her freshman year, she has always told me about how much she loves using her hands. That could not be more evident.

Amanda is truly Amanda.



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2 responses to “Meet Amanda!!

  1. Diana Chambers

    Amanda is an amazing young woman, and I admire her so much! I’m glad you are neighbors, too!

  2. Andy

    I could not be prouder of my baby.

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