Hatch Show Print!!!

Little did I know that I would spend part of my weekend in Nashville photographing at Hatch Show Print! It is one of the oldest letterpress businesses in America, and I have admired their work for quite some time now.

At the Baptist Press Conference this past weekend, all photo groups were sent out on assignment. After Gary Fong showed and spoke about many of his own images, he explained the assignment to us and sent us to the streets. “People working,” is basically the only description we got. I knew right away where I wanted to go. Hatch Show Print! Duh! Their craftsmanship should be so valued today amidst a society that adores immediacy. Every poster is made by hand, and tons of MAJOR Nashville artists use them constantly. Anthroplogie has even collaborated with them in the past!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved taking them. I wish I could have spent more time there!

More from the trip to come… It was a blast. And all of the photos will be from my disposable camera. I basically ran around saying “let me take your disposable!!!” to everyone all weekend. I’m practicing so I know what it will be like for the Hartland girls to shoot with them! YAYY



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2 responses to “Hatch Show Print!!!

  1. I like these. and Hatch Show. and you, of course.


  2. kbo

    We love these photos AND the age old practice of letter pressing. Great taste of Nashville!

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