THE purple tennis shoes.

I told you I would share about Ming’s awesome shoes!! I wanted to take her photo in the broadcast studio, but then the lights got turned out after the show ended, so outside we went!

I think it is SO FUNNY capturing style on a disposable camera. The photos end up looking like cheesy tourist photos, or first day of school snaps. Awesome! maybe I’ll stick to my Nikon for that type of photo… what do you think?

Also, here are some goodies for you… the coolest new tunes? Liquid liquid. I found them because I was watching Celine’s video for their Winter 2010 collection. I love it!
Also, I have been eating up everything that “Chanel News” spits out. The world of Karl is so mesmerizing. I love that he still focuses so on Coco’s mindset.

Have a good day, all!


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