The 11.7.10 Shoot!!

So many shoes! So many clothes! The cutest model ever!
This is a glimpse behind the scenes of the shoot I did… with the help of Kristi Mcmurry, Haley Gallagher, Margaret Brinson, and Alesia Fisher….

Each one of the ladies did different things (I will explain later!!) and I was so grateful for them all. I hope you like the photos when I post them soon…I am not really a studio gal, but I figured I needed to give it a try, and if I was going to give it a try I was going to go all out!



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2 responses to “The 11.7.10 Shoot!!

  1. grace

    such a vague post for someone who is unable to keep up with what is going on in Abby Ott’s life. Just what were you doing Abby Ott?

    P.s. i like the new header 🙂

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