Fur and Bamboo.

Let’s rewind to senior year. I began taking photos, and all I wanted to do was compile inspiration, clothes, and ideas for shoots with my friends. We would just flop on everything crazy we had at once, exaggerate makeup, and drive to our location of choice. I know, silly, but that is what I loved most. The gal that did this with me most frequently was Liza! The first shoot we did together was absolutely golden. We still talk about how awesome those lazy days were. Since I was coming home for Thanksgiving and she was as well, I knew we had to do a shoot again. We had been wanting to do another one for…about two years!! Can you believe it took us that long? It wasn’t anything wildly elaborate…I did her makeup, picked out the furs, and made her obey orders as my model! That is what friends are for, right?

After light gave way to evening, we went to V. Richards for chocolate croissants and coffee. Liza said, “I could never be a real model…because then I wouldn’t be able to eat chocolate croissants after shoots!”

I hope your Thanksgiving break was delightful, and was as jam-packed with rest (staying in bed to catch up on Vogue for half of Thanksgiving day), friends (a 4+ hour long dinner with old friends), and family as mine was!



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3 responses to “Fur and Bamboo.

  1. These are beautiful Abby! My favorite is 7 (the close up of her face) I love all the blur around her. It’s really lovely. Great job!

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