Postcards from Egypt!

Cairo, Egypt is a city of 26 million people, the largest in Africa, and the task of blogging about it is overwhelming! Seeing Cairo is an adventure! Middle Eastern culture is mesmerizing. The mosques are gorgeous, simple and intricate all at once…sand colored to match the landscape. The markets are amazing, and I want to lug home a huge lantern… although I am not sure how feasible that is. The traffic is absolutely wild…honking is one big conversation… seriously, a language of its own! Women are mostly covered and men hold hands sometimes. The food is delicious; hummus has a whole new meaning to me now. I’ve found people to be so gracious; I walked away with free fruit this morning, and paid the man back hours later…totally fine. You get served tea while shopping. We are staying in an apartment, far away from any other “tourists,” getting the real deal. The call to prayer sounding throughout the day will most assuredly wake you in the morning. Cairo is extremely polluted, but the light is amazing. The way the Egyptians function is mind-boggling…you have to come here to know what I’m talking about. I screamed when I saw the Nile. AND I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN THE PYRAMIDS YET. AND I am going to go to the biggest mall in Africa… to their multistory H&M. Oh yeahhhh.

I bring you these images of Cairo fresh off my camera. Almost midway through the trip, I am so happy to share them with you! There will be more by the end of my time, I am positive, but here is some of what I am seeing every day.

Welcome to Cairo, my friends!

Although it doesn’t feel a thing like Christmas here, Happy Christmas Eve!!



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11 responses to “Postcards from Egypt!

  1. kbo

    The girls in our family are known for calling to get recipes, but getting a 5am call from Cairo for the mac and cheese recipe is a first! Even at that hour, it was good to hear your cheery voice! A Merry CHRISTmas eve to you, too.

  2. gracie ferrell

    abby ott. Whatcha in Egypt for? Really beautiful photos though 🙂

  3. codysmall

    Beautifully shot Abby! Nicely curated shots – totally captured the essence of the place. I remember visiting there when I was just 12, if only I was camera-savvy back then! Happy Holidays!

  4. Elizabeth Waibel

    Gorgeous! I’m so jealous. Except…you traveled all the way to Egypt and are shopping at H&M? Shame. Merry Christmas!

  5. goldfishonwheat

    So talented. Loving the photos.

  6. The photos of Egypt look great. I really enjoy the one of the woman kneeling on a mat before a cloth hanging in a giant archway. Keep up the good work.

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