Alabaster in White

As I stated before, Egyptian hospitality is incredible. Our visit to Luxor & Co. was no exception. Mohamed Elgelany, one of the Luxor owners, was sure to give us a tour of the factory and the showroom, have tea delivered to us, and feed us a full meal with his family in his home. See? Hospitality at its finest!
The first time we visited the factory, it was at the end of the day, and no workers were present. Its whiteness was so attractive to me! The factory had the atmosphere of a studio or a galley. Immediately I thought of Birmingham designer Diana Hansen, who is obsessed with white. Everything white, always.
When we returned a second time, the workers were present and they were extremely kind as well. One man cutting the alabaster gave us each our own little slab, wet and freshly sliced. Seeing the alabaster transform from a huge mass of rock to a beautiful vase, plate, or sconce (whatever you like, really!) is such an experience.

Thanks Mohamed for welcoming us to Egypt in such a marvelous way!


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