On the Water…

This is going to be the first of a few posts I want to do containing my Rollei 35s photos from Cairo, Egypt. First, let me tell you a little bit about my friend, Mr. Rollei. The camera was a wedding gift to MY PARENTS from my grandparents, and it is an anniversary edition! Dad almost did not let me take it with me on the trip, but I was like, “What?!? Daddddd!!! I have tooo!” and he finally let me. I guarded it like my very own child and it arrived safely home with me. Before I left, I was so inspired by Alexandra Grecco’s images from her voyage to Mexico, and I got even more excited about using Mr. Rollei overseas!

These photographs are from a felucca ride we did on the Nile…it was so nice! We brought our dinner on board, relaxed for over an hour, told childhood stories, made “you are in denial” jokes (get it?!?), and watched the sun set. Cairo seemed much quieter from the water.



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3 responses to “On the Water…

  1. goldfishonwheat

    I almost bought a Rollei in LA, but the flea market guy WOULD NOT go down on the price=Kodak Pony instead.
    Great pics!

    • thats silly! i love it. its hard to get used to though. the meter on mine does not work, and i can never tell what distance away things are so i always have to guess big time. haha 🙂
      and thank you!

  2. Kate Allen

    So GooD!!!!

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