On a Day Trip…

During the train ride to Alexandria, I saw the following things:
-white birds in trees, which was unusual.
-women carrying things on their heads, which was not unusual.
-greener land, which is not present in Cairo.
-boys surrounded by mist in tiny boats fishing on the Nile.
-empty/unfinished apartment buildings, so very typical.
-dried up palm trees, or maybe dust covered…like most Egyptian things.
-skivvies, as Kate says, hanging from balconies to dry.
Tea was served. I listened to Laura Marling and Miles Davis. Two hours later I was in Alexandria.

How do I explain Alexandria to you? A mini Cairo some might say, with Mediterranean flair of course. It was not as romantic as I had dreamed. Nonetheless, we drank fresh juice, went to the beautiful and modern library, saw ancient artifacts, rode in a lot of taxis, explored the eery hallways of the catacombs (walking on boards hovering only a few inches above water), and ended the day eating Chinese on a hotel rooftop. No complaints here!



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3 responses to “On a Day Trip…

  1. goldfishonwheat

    wow…. what’s the second to last picture of?? trippy.

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