Emily Davis aka Vintage Goddess (I am not kidding)

I have never met anyone like Emily before. When we crossed paths a few years ago, I was dying to be her friend! She may be the most fabulous person I know. Actually yes, she definitely is. Emily has a wardrobe to kill for packed with vintage gems. She claims she owes it all to her mother’s hand-me-downs. I asked how her mother had such incredible things…she responded, “You have a great life in the 70s!!” Of course. But seriously, everything about her is vintage. She loves rock and funk, and is a music connoisseur. To me she is so inspiring. I hope you feel the same! Maybe after this you will pull out your gowns and baubles and loaf* around your house. Immediately after our shoot I went to Zoe’s and bought $10 Ralph Lauren high wasted jeans and a wildly colored gown. Long live vintage!

P.s. I’ve gone from Florence to Florida! After helping out in Florence for three days, I am now in Florida to see family. Today consisted of: a delicious Americano from a gelato store, the most wearable Zara skirt, and gawking at everything in the Kate Spade store. It was the most fun thing. Give me everything in there. Then I could really have a blast of a Valentine’s party. Everything was red!! They will be featuring a different color every month!

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen!

*THIS is the stuff I’m telling you to loaf around to…
“The Bomb” by Bitter::Sweet


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