…In Sacred Places

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be in the most beautiful mosques in Cairo as the calls to prayer sounded.
It is not so peaceful at this moment….Cairo never is a tranquil location, but this is a different kind of unrest.

Pray for Egypt.



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3 responses to “…In Sacred Places

  1. codysmall

    Beautiful Abby. I’m curious about the rollei 35s. What is your process there for developing? Do you shoot a roll, develop, scan and color edit? Do you develop yourself or take them someplace to have it done? What is special about the rollei 35s – does it do something digital SLRs can’t do? Just curious.

    • well, i am pretty cheap about it. i shoot, take to wolf camera, and have it developed and put on a cd. then i color correct myself, although it doesn’t need much done to it. for my family the rollei is special…it is a nice camera though. its hard for me to shoot w/ because you have to guesstimate feet in order to have the appropriate focus (you cannot focus by looking through the viewfinder) and know the appropriate exposure (the light meter is broken). it makes me think more, so i like to use it more for that purpose! its a nice switch from digital bc its small and less obtrusive, which was a plus in cairo (me taking photos of men was not the most acceptable thing). i also like the coloring, its softer and more neutral which i like. and i adore the fact that editing is made easy.
      so those are just a FEW of my rollei thoughts! thanks for asking!

  2. codysmall

    I find that really interesting – especially if what the camera yields can be so fickle. I think it makes the whole process more meaningful, raw and organic. Thanks for the incite. You definitely have my respect for exploring what it is to be a photographer. It seems half the beauty of capturing an image is the process of getting it.

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