Will Gray, whom I love seeing perform, came to Jackson this past weekend. It was a great kick off for Barefoots concerts this semester. Gray always brings something different to the table that other performers do not possess.

[“The rhymes were fabulous, Will Gray sang like an old-school Marvin Gaye, and that band, impossibly, gelled into a rockin’, funky, folky R&B Americana machine. It was the freshest music I’ve heard in months.”
-Andy Whitman, PASTE Magazine]

It is so great to see quality artists come to this small town! The past few days have been so wonderful and music filled.

Thursday night was a pleasure hearing Jon Black and Micah Dalton, along with TJ Hester at The Poorhouse, an amazing location for house shows. Before the concert I had my first cup of french onion soup that was incredibly delicious…oh the benefits of house tours!
“There Is Love We Can Find” by Jon Black

In addition, Rod McGaha’s jazz concert Saturday night at Soup du Jour was one of the best events I have been to since living here. The people and the place definitely made me feel like I was in Birmingham or Charleston or even New Orleans. You can read my review of the event in the next Cardinal & Cream (we were named best college newspaper in the South, 2nd best website)!



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3 responses to “Americana…R&B…Folk…and…Jazz!

  1. gracie ferrell

    Abby Ott is the definition of chic. amen.

  2. Love the pictures, Abby! I hate that I missed the concert. I saw him last time and really enjoyed it.

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