A Month of Saturdays

…is what I am wishing for!

We all relaxed for most of the day on Saturday, and it was delicious. The day consisted of: waking up late, taking a walk, making tomato and fontina cheese omelets in the afternoon (for breakfast), napping, working, and girls night! Our windows were open all day long and it felt glorious. Strange how the night before I was shivering with my big coat on… do I foresee another tornado warning? We shall see.

For now, I am still dreaming of more Saturdays to come! And looking forward to time in Texas this week for the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference! Yayyyyyy!

Here is an AWESOME Kistsune Noir playlist by Pollyn to soothe the Monday blues (I know I’ve got ’em today)…
Do yourself some good and press play (its an hour long!!):

There are more great things to come this week, like a behind the scenes look at the Billy Reid Spring 2011 Campaign and Ming Tay’s new purchase from Nando Jones!



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2 responses to “A Month of Saturdays

  1. kbo

    s. rhodes would be thrilled to see the cooper mug put to such good use 🙂

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