Shopping Texas Style | Part II

Welcome to Ponder Boot Company!!

This place is incredible, and a gem amongst the touristy-ness of the Fort Worth Stockyards. Just when I was about to give up hope, I rounded the corner and found this outlandish store. I was amazed by all of the…stuff! The materials: anything from elephant to alligator and everything in between (PITA PEOPLE, I HOPE YOU DON’T SEE THIS), were so captivating and hefty. Only the swankiest of the swank can afford leather high top converses…and at Ponder that dream can become a reality!! Feast your eyes upon the world of custom-made boots in Texas….
Today’s song… “The One That I Love Best” by Jessica Lea Mayfield…

I hope every single one of you had a very relaxing weekend! I made sure to get bunches of sleep, go to a Texas Independence Day party, paint Hartland Place Apartment’s laundry room, community center, and office (with lots of awesome volunteers), and eat at one of my favorite Jackson restaurants with good friends. I couldn’t live if weekends didn’t exist. True story.

Happy Monday to you all!



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2 responses to “Shopping Texas Style | Part II

  1. kbo

    Part II is even better than Part I! Love the photos…made me want to go there. Isn’t that the idea?

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