Pretty Things and a Welcome Home

Home again home again!
When I arrived, I went upstairs and found a massive stack of magazines (including Elle UK), macaroons from Continental Bakery, fresh flowers, a bag of ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome” coffee, and the arbor outside my window covered in yellow confederate jasmine.
PLAY: “Blue Skies” from Noah and the Whale’s album, The First Days of Spring

Being at home is such a relief from being away at school. I can’t wait to go to Louisville on Wednesday, though!
Happy Spring Break, dears!



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4 responses to “Pretty Things and a Welcome Home

  1. I wish we could arrange some kind of “Being John Malkovich” situation so I can experience your nice week at home. SO.JEALOUS.

  2. kbo

    Home misses you when you’re not there and seems more like home when you are…it’s an always place…let it’s love travel with you.

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