Loving Bellewether

Bellewether is a new(er) store to the Birmingham area, and I am so pleased they opened in one of my favorite parts of town (English Village)! The shop is very quirky, complete with random pieces collected from all over the world, coffee books galore, not your ordinary home goods, note cards (loooove), the most interesting furniture, simple bedding, and a section dedicated to fine scents, amongst other fascinating items. It is one of those stores that you seek to visit on special days…one you think about often, and one that keeps you inspired and always interested. I will continually go back just out of curiosity to see what new found items are being sold. Bellewether is just effortlessly cool, and that’s that! Go see for yourself, and maybe get a macaroon from Continental Bakery across the street after you do!
PLAY: “High Road” by Broken Bells

I hope you all have a very happy Monday, and your weekend was lovely! Be on the look out for photos from the shoot I did on Saturday with a conglomeration of ladies in a historic home, dating back to the Civil War! It was my very first fashion shoot predominately captured on film. I just know that each image will be like a little Christmas present!! Ahhhh, the joy of taking a break from digital.



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  1. kbo

    Hope you’re shared these with the owner! She’s bound to be quite pleased.

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