Ladies Primping

Rebekah and Ben’s wedding weekend in Louisville was filled with bliss! I was so very happy to be a part of the celebration with them. That Saturday, TJ & I ran the necessary last minute errands and I got to hang around the house while everyone got ready (drinking more than a necessary amount of coffee). Trying not to get in this photographer’s way, I shot the ladies as they prepared for the ceremony! Rebekah looked exquisite, and her bridesmaids were so very sweet. The Hester’s room is great and it was the perfect space to get ready in. I love the rituals that a bride goes through to prepare for her wedding… so symbolic and beautiful. I hope these images resemble a figment of every girl’s imagination, and give you a look into the unknown world of ladies primping for a bride’s special day.

PLAY: “Breathe” by Telepopmusik…


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  1. LuhFawnduh

    I like this. Keen stuff (!)

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