Ellen in Monochrome

“Ellen is the coolest.” -Kate Allen
Yep. True.

After doing Hartland together for about 3 years, we have become dear friends. We have breakfast every Thursday, and lately we have reverted to meeting at Barefoots for cranberry white chocolate scones. They are delicious, and sometimes we even get a John Wayne or two to guzzle at the counter.

This particular day she decided to wear her skirt from none other than Nando Jones. Seriously, Nando is taking over the clothing scene. Everyone loves it. But Ellen looks so cute, as always, sporting light blue, super fun sunglasses, and her grandmother’s baby necklace.

PLAY // Armistice (RAC Remix) by Phoenix. Dance a little, okay?

I am happy to say that I am going home today! I miss it an unbelievable amount, and I am more than excited. It is none other than Easter weekend!! Have a very happy one… I’m checkin’ out early, folks.


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