Happy Sunday as Momma Always Says

Easter “bag-skets” (mom attached that old family photo of three to mine, and made up the term “bag-sket”), dark chocolate Cadbury eggs, Sunday church, family love, a new vintage dress, linen pants, yard photos, iced coffee, a full late lunch, pound cake with strawberries and whip, a drive in the country, a venture to Oneonta, and a long road back to Tennessee… just a glimpse of my Easter!
Thank goodness we can place our faith in a risen Lord, and not something that has passed.

PLAY // “Be Set Free,” by one of my most favorite musicians, Josh Garrels.



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3 responses to “Happy Sunday as Momma Always Says

  1. Rachel

    I love seeing the pictures from home! And I was THRILLED to see the bovine skull made the cut. I love you and wish we could have seen you and met TJ.

    • Rachel I’m so glad! And yes, I totally love that thing. I’ve been looking at it my whole life!
      Love you too and hopefully you will meet him soon! I want to see you, Payton, and Jay…its been too long!

  2. KBO

    It was a blessing to share that special day with family! Love the pics…and you.

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