to teach others to see differently, beyond the backyards of our day to day existence.
to enable me to travel and to meet individuals i would have not crossed paths with.
to take ordinary scenarios and present them in an extraordinary manner.
to expose the truths of life: both the beautiful and the unpleasant.
to illuminate details that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
to live and experience life in a remarkable way.
to open closed doors.
to recall.

to photograph.

to send me some words….

to see my current portfolio, click HERE!


8 responses to “ABBY OTT

  1. Karen

    I LOVE what you wrote…but, I love you even more!

  2. Paula Davies

    Hey Abby, love your blog , we miss you
    Stop by and get a lean pocket!!!!!

    Love Paula

  3. Ricky Rondo

    Fan of the blog, also the banner at the top is cool looking. This is a sassy looking picture.

  4. Jo

    Hello, precious Abby!! I love your website. And we love YOU!!!! (and have since before you were even born!!!)

  5. Charlotte W

    Hi Abby! I asked your father about you recently and he told me to check out your site. Your photos are absolutely amazing! You probably don’t remember me, but I worked with your dad for several years and would see you when you were just a little girl when you and your mom came to visit our office.

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