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Mom and Dad, Look at ALL THE SNOW We Got!

So much snow!! Flakes, puffs, and masses of snow came down for hours and left us with no classes to attend. Such a day allowed me to work on a website that I will launch soon. A real website!! Not a portfolio site, a WEBSITE! YAYYYY!! One big step for Abby, and a thanks to Cari Phillips for showing me the ropes. Being stuck at home can be so productive (every now and then)! Said snow day also gave me some time to goof around with Mr. Hester, which was real fun. I froze and he bought me some coffee and Lee Cake from Barefoot’s. Yessssss. TJ tried his hand at my twin-lens reflex camera!
With a 100% chance of snow coming at us once again, I am going to stock up on Valentine goodies. Most people pack their fridge with milk and their pantry with bread, but not me. I am running for the heart shaped stickers!! In addition, Kate and I will be making one of our favorite Egyptian dishes. I even rented “An Affair to Remember” to watch with my lady friends.

TUNES!!!!!!!! “Crave You” by Flight Facilities*


[By the way, Kristen Marks took the top photo!]

*Most of the songs I recently posted were not compatible with the audio feature, but now they have all been fixed and I will only upload listen-able songs from here on out!


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An Evening at Chez Lu Lu

Madison Coan is one of the most beautiful people. Ever (my photo does not do her justice). Every time I see her I am totally amazed by her flawless, spectacular, totally killer makeup (mostly drug store) and awesome clothes (basically all thrifted). Honestly, this girl amazes me.

In addition, Veronica’s beaded purse totally mesmerized me!! So sparkly and wonderful. Veronica always has the most unique things.

This particular night, about 8 of us split bunches of desserts at Chez Lu Lu and it was totally delicious. Happy times indeed! Short but so sweet.

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Alesia in Studio!

Here is a teaser from the shoot that I did on 11.7.10! It could not have been done without the help of Haley Gallagher (stylist), Kristi Mcmurry (lighting assistant), Alesia Fisher (model!), and Margaret Brinson (video-watch the full version on her blog!).

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CMT and Annie Leibovitz…

Every semester the photojournalism students take a trip to meet with various photographers, and I have to say this was definitely one of our best day trips! We met with Brett Warren at CMT and he gave us the grand tour.

When we finally sat down for a little Q&A, he further explained about his internship with ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. Yes, you heard me, ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. He has shared a cookie with her. He has assisted her multiple times. I. CANNOT. IMAGINE.
Brett is an incredible photographer, (look at his personal work here and on flickr) and I would not doubt it if he were the next Annie. He makes props…designs costumes and sets…and creates absolutely rich photos. He said he likes to layer it on as much as possible! Believe it or not, Brett uses Photoshop very little…mainly to adjust color, “to tell more about the people in the photos.”

[Here are some of his sketches for an upcoming shoot!!]

[rocketown is where we went to view some of his work]

What an amazing an inspiring trip!


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Portraits on blank! By Terica and Maria.

I just got the film back last night from last week at Hartland. First I showed them some examples of photos with solid backgrounds, and then we had a “photo shoot” in which the girls functioned as art directors/stylists… and they directed the “models” completely on their own. At first, I was going to shoot, but they wanted to sooo bad that I handed over the camera! Terica and Maria worked beautifully together. I was incredibly impressed… When one was shooting, the other was fixing hand positioning, clothing, etc. on the model. Teamwork?? Achieved. I love seeing these girls grow together.

How cute are Jim and Carol Veneman?! Our class is ONLY POSSIBLE because Jim had faith and allowed me to go with my idea of reverting to disposables again… thank you thank you thank you! Ooh yes, and the faithful Union girls that come every week. You all rock.


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Afternoon on the Balcony

The online photo editing was done and “Reporting on Travel” could wait. I sat outside with my buddies, aka roommates, ALL AFTERNOON. I read The Selby (the book!) that has been on our coffee table for weeks and I suddenly got super inspired to start taking everyone’s photo…more of those to come in the next couple of days. It. Was. So. Fun.
Our time outside was not complete without sweet tea (and star shaped iced cubes)… also, I loved Margaret’s neutral colors and simple garb today…


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21c and the Like…

Louisville. First thing I want to say about the town is that they have SO MANY VINTAGE STORES. I was in heaven. Who even knows how I didn’t break the bank! It was the greatest weekend. The amount of quality restaurants they have is also out of control. Lots and lots and lots of good eats. In addition, we walked around 21c Museum Hotel. It is my duty to always give you the facts about these locations, and Conde Nast Traveler voted it 2009 #1 best hotel in America, #6 in the world. HOW??? Yes, it is very cool and hip, but I don’t know about NUMBER ONE. I am not even sure if I would want to stay there on a vaca, too much art art art. Am I in a museum or am I on vacation?? It would be confusing. A bit odd for me, but fun for an hour or so. But yes, many folks love the 21c Museum Hotel, and if you do, no judgment here…I’ll just stick to Ojai… for now.

But as for the rest of Louisville, I want to keep on coming back and back again. My love for it abounds.


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At Cafe Mimosa …

We had an afternoon snack of spring rolls and Vietnamese coffee. Enjoying good food to the max.

Photo by TJ Hester from our visit to Louisville.


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Mrs. Morse

Having the sniffles this weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to edit photos from Matt and Katherine Morse’s wedding. She looked so amazing. Much love to this sweet couple, and your wedding photos will be finis so very soon! Can’t wait.

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Nail Polish! Nikes! Squash! Malaysia!

Okay, here is the deal. Small town Tennessee has no good beauty stores. I am addicted to NARS, Smashbox, blah de blah. I frequent Sephora much too often when I am at home. The other night, I discovered that WE GOT AN ULTA! No Sephora, yes I know… but something!! I made a certain man in my life bop in and out with me, and knew immediately that it was the perfect trip for ladies night. Soooo, Friday night rolled around, and we went. Ming, Margaret, and I stayed for SO LONG. I am almost positive the overly nice and inquisitive salespeople wanted to kill us. We used many-a-tester, including airbrush face makeup, yellow eyeshadow, and painted EVERY SINGLE ONE of our nails a different color in order to get the full experience. No lie.
Afterwards, Ming successfully got some awesome magenta Nike’s (look out for the day she busts those out… I hope to be there to document her strut across the broadcasting studio), while we tried on all kinds of wild shoes.
Then we had a dinner of butternut squash pasta, spinach and artichoke “purses”, and orange limonade. Next we viewed the Japanese magazines Ming brought back from Malaysia, her newest Topshop purchases, and jewelry her mom picked up in India.

Ming is so cute!! Her Dorothy Perkins pants are too cool… her precious shirt is from a Malaysian boutique… and ALDO shoes. This was right before we went to movie on the lawn to get some candy. Best idea ever.
Earlier that day we lounged at the pool and made breakfast…on a school day. Too bad TJ said I wasn’t allowed to go to class in my bikini and cover up (he can be quite the lifesaver).
What a life the beginning of a semester can be!!


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