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Little Miss Graduate

We went jewelry shopping for the big day, and held hands as we did so.
She happily walked out with necessities instead of baubles.
Tickets were held as prized possessions, and used like money to give and take away.
Family made it to the ceremony by the grace of God.
“People said they never thought I would make it this far.”
No plans for afterwards, apartment before job is what comes to mind.
The cycle begins, but lets hope not. Let’s push for not.
She reads books about fashion, and knows every decade.
Perhaps shadowing the Wilbourn Sisters is the answer to our prayers.
Ms. Mary said it could be so… I saw her at graduation.

Happy day of graduating high school, Terica Jones. We love you dearly.

PLAY // Never Have I Found by Josh Garrels

+All images shot with a disposable camera.


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Please look at how gorgeous these photographs are. Maria took them with her disposable. Unbelievable. Except not, because they are real. They were in the group of photos we found on Tuesday.

Listen to this James Blake song, “Lindesfarne II.” It is equally as serendipitous as Maria’s photos. TJ did a very very good thing when he showed me James. I want to listen to him day and night. Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about an artist since…Phoenix! Or TJ, when he released his album Tradition, which you can download here.
Anywho, press PLAY for James.

IT IS FRIDAY!!! Yes, yes, yes! Have the happiest of weekends.

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…In Sacred Places

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be in the most beautiful mosques in Cairo as the calls to prayer sounded.
It is not so peaceful at this moment….Cairo never is a tranquil location, but this is a different kind of unrest.

Pray for Egypt.


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In the Streets…

Everything is sand colored. The streets are teeming with cars and buses. Male only cafes are the norm. There are men delivering tea and smoking sheesha on almost every corner.
I MISS CAIRO. Can you tell? I miss its craziness…how my head hurt after riding around in the smoggy traffic for too long…how sometimes I couldn’t sleep because it was too loud…how I saw photographs everywhere…how I didn’t understand anything anyone was saying around me besides thank you (“shokran”)…
I am sure some of those Cairo quirks are things that would totally overwhelm me after a certain amount of time, but for now, they will always remind me of an absolutely delightful couple of weeks. After leaving a place, you can dream about it, and your adoration for the location can only grow from there. At least that is how it almost always works for me.

Only one more post after this packed full of Cairo/Rollei 35s/Dispobable love!

P.S. Now you can look AND LISTEN! Hopefully the tunes well help to you get in the mood…of course each post has a mood. First try: Wide Eyes by Local Natives… TJ put it on my “Abby goes to Cairo” playlist!


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CMT and Annie Leibovitz…

Every semester the photojournalism students take a trip to meet with various photographers, and I have to say this was definitely one of our best day trips! We met with Brett Warren at CMT and he gave us the grand tour.

When we finally sat down for a little Q&A, he further explained about his internship with ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. Yes, you heard me, ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. He has shared a cookie with her. He has assisted her multiple times. I. CANNOT. IMAGINE.
Brett is an incredible photographer, (look at his personal work here and on flickr) and I would not doubt it if he were the next Annie. He makes props…designs costumes and sets…and creates absolutely rich photos. He said he likes to layer it on as much as possible! Believe it or not, Brett uses Photoshop very little…mainly to adjust color, “to tell more about the people in the photos.”

[Here are some of his sketches for an upcoming shoot!!]

[rocketown is where we went to view some of his work]

What an amazing an inspiring trip!


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Portraits on blank! By Terica and Maria.

I just got the film back last night from last week at Hartland. First I showed them some examples of photos with solid backgrounds, and then we had a “photo shoot” in which the girls functioned as art directors/stylists… and they directed the “models” completely on their own. At first, I was going to shoot, but they wanted to sooo bad that I handed over the camera! Terica and Maria worked beautifully together. I was incredibly impressed… When one was shooting, the other was fixing hand positioning, clothing, etc. on the model. Teamwork?? Achieved. I love seeing these girls grow together.

How cute are Jim and Carol Veneman?! Our class is ONLY POSSIBLE because Jim had faith and allowed me to go with my idea of reverting to disposables again… thank you thank you thank you! Ooh yes, and the faithful Union girls that come every week. You all rock.


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THE purple tennis shoes.

I told you I would share about Ming’s awesome shoes!! I wanted to take her photo in the broadcast studio, but then the lights got turned out after the show ended, so outside we went!

I think it is SO FUNNY capturing style on a disposable camera. The photos end up looking like cheesy tourist photos, or first day of school snaps. Awesome! maybe I’ll stick to my Nikon for that type of photo… what do you think?

Also, here are some goodies for you… the coolest new tunes? Liquid liquid. I found them because I was watching Celine’s video for their Winter 2010 collection. I love it!
Also, I have been eating up everything that “Chanel News” spits out. The world of Karl is so mesmerizing. I love that he still focuses so on Coco’s mindset.

Have a good day, all!

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Last weekend I was in Nashville, as you know. It. Was. A. Blast. Such a good break, but we also got to learn so much and spend time with such awesome folks in the industry of photography and journalism. Big thanks to Todd Starnes of Fox News for speaking and even hanging out with us over frozen yogurt (yummm)!
Anyways, most of these shots are from Broadway. It is so country and so hilarious. There is so much music on the street and there are soooo many cowboy boots. I think it is great, but only for a certain amount of time…If you are in the mood for it.

On this particular day, I totally was.

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A Disposable Perspective

These are my favorite shots from my first disposable roll. I cannot express to you how much I like shooting this way! It is so fun and carefree because well…uh… you snap and then wind. Obviously, you think about the pictures differently because there are only about 25 per roll. I get the one shot I want and move on, no need for 7 pictures of the same thing. Just one, thanks! I know it may sound a bit silly to revert to this camera, but I want to be able to get to know their finicky nature again so if the girls I am teaching at Hartland have problems with their cameras, I know what the causes may be. I am ready to make mistakes and learn with them!

Join me as I play around with these cameras!


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With Cameras

“Zana wanted to encourage the kids in the workshop to use photography to explore their lives and their world…. They were asked to look at the familiar in a way that would lead them to new conclusions… The editing process gave the kids a venue for articulating their thoughts and feelings. It demonstrated, perhaps for the first time in their lives, that their opinions and experiences were of value. That they themselves were valued.”
-Kids With Cameras
week 1 project: home. both photos are by maria. she is 12, and the youngest in my class.

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