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…In Sacred Places

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be in the most beautiful mosques in Cairo as the calls to prayer sounded.
It is not so peaceful at this moment….Cairo never is a tranquil location, but this is a different kind of unrest.

Pray for Egypt.


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In the Streets…

Everything is sand colored. The streets are teeming with cars and buses. Male only cafes are the norm. There are men delivering tea and smoking sheesha on almost every corner.
I MISS CAIRO. Can you tell? I miss its craziness…how my head hurt after riding around in the smoggy traffic for too long…how sometimes I couldn’t sleep because it was too loud…how I saw photographs everywhere…how I didn’t understand anything anyone was saying around me besides thank you (“shokran”)…
I am sure some of those Cairo quirks are things that would totally overwhelm me after a certain amount of time, but for now, they will always remind me of an absolutely delightful couple of weeks. After leaving a place, you can dream about it, and your adoration for the location can only grow from there. At least that is how it almost always works for me.

Only one more post after this packed full of Cairo/Rollei 35s/Dispobable love!

P.S. Now you can look AND LISTEN! Hopefully the tunes well help to you get in the mood…of course each post has a mood. First try: Wide Eyes by Local Natives… TJ put it on my “Abby goes to Cairo” playlist!


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On a Day Trip…

During the train ride to Alexandria, I saw the following things:
-white birds in trees, which was unusual.
-women carrying things on their heads, which was not unusual.
-greener land, which is not present in Cairo.
-boys surrounded by mist in tiny boats fishing on the Nile.
-empty/unfinished apartment buildings, so very typical.
-dried up palm trees, or maybe dust covered…like most Egyptian things.
-skivvies, as Kate says, hanging from balconies to dry.
Tea was served. I listened to Laura Marling and Miles Davis. Two hours later I was in Alexandria.

How do I explain Alexandria to you? A mini Cairo some might say, with Mediterranean flair of course. It was not as romantic as I had dreamed. Nonetheless, we drank fresh juice, went to the beautiful and modern library, saw ancient artifacts, rode in a lot of taxis, explored the eery hallways of the catacombs (walking on boards hovering only a few inches above water), and ended the day eating Chinese on a hotel rooftop. No complaints here!


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