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You Can’t Spell Louisville Without LOVE!

I am headed to Louisville with my sweet man today! I’ll finally get to be there while he plays at Sojourn, eat at new places, go to see Tree of Life, and have breakfast with my aunt and uncle from Florida. Au revoir!

PLAY // Baby, I Love You by Aretha Franklin

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Justin Townes Earle

The man is from another era. I absolutely loved his performance on the Saturday night of Shindig, and without a doubt, I believe the rest of the attendees agreed with me. “Music and fashion, its peas and carrots anyway,” said Billy Reid in his conversation with J. Crew.

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Will Gray, whom I love seeing perform, came to Jackson this past weekend. It was a great kick off for Barefoots concerts this semester. Gray always brings something different to the table that other performers do not possess.

[“The rhymes were fabulous, Will Gray sang like an old-school Marvin Gaye, and that band, impossibly, gelled into a rockin’, funky, folky R&B Americana machine. It was the freshest music I’ve heard in months.”
-Andy Whitman, PASTE Magazine]

It is so great to see quality artists come to this small town! The past few days have been so wonderful and music filled.

Thursday night was a pleasure hearing Jon Black and Micah Dalton, along with TJ Hester at The Poorhouse, an amazing location for house shows. Before the concert I had my first cup of french onion soup that was incredibly delicious…oh the benefits of house tours!
“There Is Love We Can Find” by Jon Black

In addition, Rod McGaha’s jazz concert Saturday night at Soup du Jour was one of the best events I have been to since living here. The people and the place definitely made me feel like I was in Birmingham or Charleston or even New Orleans. You can read my review of the event in the next Cardinal & Cream (we were named best college newspaper in the South, 2nd best website)!


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In the Streets…

Everything is sand colored. The streets are teeming with cars and buses. Male only cafes are the norm. There are men delivering tea and smoking sheesha on almost every corner.
I MISS CAIRO. Can you tell? I miss its craziness…how my head hurt after riding around in the smoggy traffic for too long…how sometimes I couldn’t sleep because it was too loud…how I saw photographs everywhere…how I didn’t understand anything anyone was saying around me besides thank you (“shokran”)…
I am sure some of those Cairo quirks are things that would totally overwhelm me after a certain amount of time, but for now, they will always remind me of an absolutely delightful couple of weeks. After leaving a place, you can dream about it, and your adoration for the location can only grow from there. At least that is how it almost always works for me.

Only one more post after this packed full of Cairo/Rollei 35s/Dispobable love!

P.S. Now you can look AND LISTEN! Hopefully the tunes well help to you get in the mood…of course each post has a mood. First try: Wide Eyes by Local Natives… TJ put it on my “Abby goes to Cairo” playlist!


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Absolutely stunning. Thank you, Mr. Hester. You are a super-pro.

Take a listen if you have even a moment. Jon Black clearly knew what was good for him when he wrote this song: My Love is With You All the Time.

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Breakfast with Mr. Grayson

Aaron and I have been friends since high school…and nothing has changed with him, except that he’s still being amazing in photography and music. No big deal.
And he always speaks such truth! Rough example… he was saying how his sister or someone told him recently that often God gives us an A and a Z… not an A and a B. We have to figure out how to get where He wants us to be. Only He can take us to that Z, we just have to be faithful.
I mean, what could be better for me to hear right now?
Anyways, after some insanely tasty ten dollar pancakes, we hit the streets of Southside and Charlemagne Records, then the ridge. Photos, photos, photos. Thanks you, Aaron for being extremely photogenic for me.
Much love!

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Hey, its Brooke Waggoner!

She makes magic with her fingers (meaning she can play the piano real real good).
Her look is cinematic.
Her music reminds me of a winter I once had, but sounds like spring.
AND she liked the crazy wonder woman-esque belt I was wearing.

But really, it was very much fun assisting Caleb Chancey while he shot the absolutely darling Brooke Waggoner at Bottletree last week. I was able to sneak a couple of shots for myself, and wanted to share them. There were very few because I was very busy being a hurricane, throwing newspapers into a fan so they could haphazardly drift across the frame for Caleb. Good thing one of them hit her face on like the first try. Second good thing, she thought it was hilarious. I am always an A+ assistant, and I like hitting musicians in the face with newspapers. The end.

Take a listen! She just released a new album.
My favorite song? Young friend, from the Heal for the Honey album. Also love the I Am Mine Remix.

(update: the outcome? see caleb’s images here!)


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