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Local Eats and Outdoor Waits

I know I am about to have a good time if it involves a night out with this fine lady at Chez Fon Fon, and last week was no exception! Our hour long wait paled in comparison to the decadent meal of fresh ingredients and one of my favorite desserts in town: chocolate caramel-nut tart. Frank Stitt is a genius. Oh yeah, and the conversation wasn’t too bad either… We stayed at our table for hours and I’m sure that the waiter (and the people waiting) wanted to kick us out long before we said our final adieus.

I also love how they often play James Brown remixes at Chez…

I heart Birmingham. And summer. Which I think I’ve made pretty obvious by now. Well, I’m off to Nashville for the weekend to celebrate TJ’s birthday and attend a wedding!

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The Color of Sherbet and a Tan Jumper

Weekends are never long enough, are they?
Once again, I encountered a beautiful vase of flowers waiting for me on my counter when I arrived home. This time they were orange sherbet colored roses that my mom bought for fifty cents. At home, we ate well (Primavera, Continental Bakery, Surin, Chez Lu Lu, Flip Burger, and as my mom says: “Chez Ott”), celebrated much (Easter!), walked (on scenic Red Mountain, winding around English Village, passing the glass house), read often (a novel, “Four Spirits” for class… about Birmingham), shopped a bit, and traveled to Oneonta. My dad gave my car a makeover and we went to the “Library in the Forest.”

Prepare thyself for the cutest child in the world playing jazz… my my my.

Until the end of this semester, I will fantasize about my upcoming trip to High Hamptons, one of my favorite places ever. And to make this Monday a decent one, I’m sipping a Chai latte and listening to Ray Charles! Thank you, TJ Hester for treatin’ me so nice and buying me drinks.


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Loving Bellewether

Bellewether is a new(er) store to the Birmingham area, and I am so pleased they opened in one of my favorite parts of town (English Village)! The shop is very quirky, complete with random pieces collected from all over the world, coffee books galore, not your ordinary home goods, note cards (loooove), the most interesting furniture, simple bedding, and a section dedicated to fine scents, amongst other fascinating items. It is one of those stores that you seek to visit on special days…one you think about often, and one that keeps you inspired and always interested. I will continually go back just out of curiosity to see what new found items are being sold. Bellewether is just effortlessly cool, and that’s that! Go see for yourself, and maybe get a macaroon from Continental Bakery across the street after you do!
PLAY: “High Road” by Broken Bells

I hope you all have a very happy Monday, and your weekend was lovely! Be on the look out for photos from the shoot I did on Saturday with a conglomeration of ladies in a historic home, dating back to the Civil War! It was my very first fashion shoot predominately captured on film. I just know that each image will be like a little Christmas present!! Ahhhh, the joy of taking a break from digital.


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Nando Jones, Sweet Ming, and Live on the Moon!

Isn’t Ming Tay just the loveliest? She is so beautiful and she has such a great style that is entirely Ming Tay. This particular night, a Nando Jones dress met Topshop shoes, and the two paired wonderfully. Although the focus was entirely on the Nando portion. Vintage is just so good (of course I am saying that because I just came back from Louisville with a renewed sense of vintage self, whatever that means) and I love seeing it on Ming.

Anyways, moving on from Ming and Nando… coming back to Tennessee is so bittersweet. The opportunity to be able to dive back into Hartland is such a blessing and planning photo shoots with Kristi McMurray is always a blast, but I can’t help but wish to be back in Birmingham or Louisville! Coming down from the high of break is not so nice, but such as life, you know? It is just that Spring Break was really delicious. I got to dine with dearest Aubrey at Chez Fon Fon, get afternoon coffee with the fabulous Emily Davis, spend days with my mother, watch snow fall on Rebekah and Ben’s wedding day (WHICH WAS A GORGEOUS EVENT), eat Moroccan food at my favorite Louisville restaurant, and run around town with Mr. TJ. I also got to visit Sojourn, where TJ will be working this summer! I am so very proud of him, because it is such an honor to intern there. God has been so good to us!
So… that was break in a nutshell. A very small and wonderful nutshell.

And now finally, I present to you Lykke Li live on the moon! Enjoy. (And look out for a review of her music on the C&C website!)


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I Heart V. Richard’s!

I absolutely adore this grocery store/market/cafe…in part because they play the greatest jazz music. It is one of my favorite places in Birmingham. When I think of home I think of V. Richards. So many happy memories there mix themselves into one great ideal: cherry bon bons, spring days, Magic City Blend coffee, time with dear friends, breakfasts, and extra long conversations.

I miss Birmingham!
TUNES: “Rome” by Phoenix. I love this band so muchhhhh.


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Emily Davis aka Vintage Goddess (I am not kidding)

I have never met anyone like Emily before. When we crossed paths a few years ago, I was dying to be her friend! She may be the most fabulous person I know. Actually yes, she definitely is. Emily has a wardrobe to kill for packed with vintage gems. She claims she owes it all to her mother’s hand-me-downs. I asked how her mother had such incredible things…she responded, “You have a great life in the 70s!!” Of course. But seriously, everything about her is vintage. She loves rock and funk, and is a music connoisseur. To me she is so inspiring. I hope you feel the same! Maybe after this you will pull out your gowns and baubles and loaf* around your house. Immediately after our shoot I went to Zoe’s and bought $10 Ralph Lauren high wasted jeans and a wildly colored gown. Long live vintage!

P.s. I’ve gone from Florence to Florida! After helping out in Florence for three days, I am now in Florida to see family. Today consisted of: a delicious Americano from a gelato store, the most wearable Zara skirt, and gawking at everything in the Kate Spade store. It was the most fun thing. Give me everything in there. Then I could really have a blast of a Valentine’s party. Everything was red!! They will be featuring a different color every month!

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen!

*THIS is the stuff I’m telling you to loaf around to…
“The Bomb” by Bitter::Sweet

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Mr. Grayson at The Pancake House

Happy Saturday, loves!
I can’t wait to be back in the city to dine with so many incredible people… one of them being my dear friend (incredible jazz musician.. okay amazing musician all around, photographer, high school bud, incredible dresser, etc.), Aaron Grayson.

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Photo Class with Birmingham’s Best

Earlier on in the semester, Jim Veneman and I discussed getting a group together to go to Birmingham to talk with some of the city’s finest photographers. Plans were finalized just a couple of weeks ago, and 8 of us (which happened to be the perfect number) came down for a photo class at the A. Bryan Photo Studio with Caleb Chancey, Bryan Johnson, Cary Norton, and Rob Culpepper…

[The last two photos were taken by Kathleen Murray]
It couldn’t have been any better!! They each told about how they got to be where they are now, discussed the importance of community, showed their own work, and talked about their favorite images. It was awesome. Next we went outside and took some Polaroids… Brian and Caleb took group shots of us and then let us use the camera to photo each other…take home photos!! We also were able to lunch at Urban Standard, eat at Surin for dinner, play on Red Mountain with light painting (although I myself chose to flop in the grass and look at the city instead…oops), and go to Chez LuLu for dessert. Totally successful.


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